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Purple Eyes BPM Key The Knocks | 55 (Japan Edition)

55 (Japan Edition) Tracklist

  1. New York City 75 BPM Dm KEY
  2. Time 113 BPM Em KEY
  3. Kiss The Sky 100 BPM F KEY
  4. Dancing With Myself 93 BPM C KEY
  5. Comfortable 115 BPM A#m KEY
  6. I Wish (My Taylor Swift) 108 BPM Bm KEY
  7. Collect My Love 125 BPM A KEY
  8. The Key 100 BPM F KEY
  9. Tied To You 120 BPM G KEY
  10. Love Me Like That 118 BPM B KEY
  11. Cinderella 124 BPM B KEY
  12. Purple Eyes 105 BPM Bm KEY
  13. Best For Last 134 BPM F#m KEY
  14. Classic 102 BPM D KEY
  15. Endisco 126 BPM C#m KEY
  16. The One 128 BPM A#m KEY
  17. Flow 110 BPM C# KEY

Songs with the Same Bm Key

  1. Verano Caliente by RT from El Rey de las Composiciones
  2. Rompe Cama (feat. Ne To Flow) by RT from El Rey de las Composiciones
  3. Bugs Bunny by RT Mundial from Mi Sombra
  4. The League Of Gentlemen's Apocalypse - Dr. Pea by RTE Concert Orchestra from The League Of Gentlemen's Apocalypse (Original Film Soundtrack)
  5. Jumperz by RTH from A D E Sampler 2015
  6. English Crumpets (feat. Nikki Marie) by RTKal from The Genuine RTKal
  7. I'm Ill - Kelatron Remix by RTKal from The Genuine RTKal
  8. Outro by RTM All Starz from RTM A Kiadó, Vol. 2
  9. Pb+j by RTX from Transmaniacon
  10. The Rich (Charlie Mauthe&Jh Original Mix) by Jh from Live In Space Ibiza Vol. 6
  11. Give Me - Extended Electro Club Mix by Jh from Music Party
  12. Entre La Brisa by Jh from La Corona Del Rey
  13. Les cloches de la liberté by JH Memphis from M
  14. New Way of Life by JH-X9 from Further from Light
  15. The Dopest by Jha Jha from Candy Land
  16. Bernal Heights by Jhameel from The Human Condition
  17. No Ordinary Love by Jhavoice from JhaVoice: A Tribute to Sade
  18. Deseos by Jhay Cortez from Deseos
  19. Go Get It by JHefna from "Barry Bonds Edition"
  20. Blanco Puro by Jheison The Beatmaker from All Stars
  21. Jukai by Jhene Aiko from Trip
  22. Jukai by Jhene Aiko from Trip
  23. Jukai by Jhene Aiko from Trip
  24. Jukai by Jhene Aiko from Trip
  25. The Vapors by Jhene Aiko from Sail Out
  26. yesterday by jhfly from more sounds
  27. My Contribution 2 H-Town by Jhiame from The Last $hall B 1st
  28. Forever Botany by Jhiame from Syrup City Hitz
  29. Diamonds All n Yo Face by Jhiame from Syrup City Hitz
  30. The Youngest Don by Jhiame from Syrup City Hitz
  31. Tell Me What You Talkin Bout by Jhiame from Syrup City Hitz
  32. Afrika Arise by Jhikoman from Afrika Arise
  33. Donde Stas - Piano Version by Jhoann Ramos from Kalambur Lounge Time, Vol. 1
  34. Amigos Con Derechos by Jhon Alex Castaño from 14 Cañonazos Bailables, Vol. 54
  35. Que Vienes A Buscar by Jhon Alex Castaño from Éxitos De La Cantina
  36. Pico y Chao by Jhon Alex Castaño from El Rey Del Chupe
  37. El Rey Del Chupe by Jhon Alex Castaño from El Rey Del Chupe
  38. Qué Vienes a Buscar by Jhon Alex Castaño from De Vuelta al Bar
  39. Amigos Con Derechos by Jhon Alex Castaño from El Rey Del Chupe
  40. Sound Machine by Jhon Denas from Deep into the Vibe, Vol. 3
  41. Balearic House by Jhon Denas from Deep Rendevouz, Vol. 13
  42. Awakening by S5 from D.Trance 80 (Incl. D.Techno 37)
  43. Vortex - Original Mix by S5 from Vortex
  44. Luminous by S5 from Luminous
  45. Ebebi by BM from Ebebi
  46. Koka-Kola by BM from Koka-Kola
  47. Get lost in your love - Radio Edit by BM from Get lost in your love
  48. Алкотрэш (feat. CooL-1) by Bm Bass from Алкотрэш (feat. CooL-1)
  49. Webb (feat. Quelz) by Bm Sparkz from Webb (feat. Quelz)
  50. 4erep by Ilya Brevennikov from Minimal House Collection, Vol. 1

Songs with the Same Tempo 105 BPM

  1. Essa Menina by AX 13 from Aire Fm 100.3 Verano 2015
  2. Quiero el Verano by AX 13 from Verano 2016
  3. Essa menina by AX 13 from Ma!!
  4. Green Eye by AXB from 13
  5. Steal Another Fantasy by Axe from 80s Power Ballads
  6. Steal Another Fantasy (Re-Recorded) by Axe from Axeology 1979-2001
  7. Hey Motherfucka by Axe Gabba Murda Mob from PRSPCT Best Of 2016
  8. Afinidad - Versión Acústica by Axel from Tus Ojos Mis Ojos (Edición Deluxe)
  9. Todo Mi Mundo by Axel from Un Nuevo Sol
  10. Groove All Night by Axel C from Especially (Lounge Experience)
  11. One Folder by Axel C from Kalambur House Collection, Vol. 14
  12. Climax by Axel C from Possessed (Lounge Experience)
  13. Phobic Side by Axel C from Kalambur Only Drum, Vol. 1
  14. The Yard (feat. MED & J Rocc) - Interlude by Axel F from The Sofa Set EP
  15. Göta Coldinu by Axel Frthiof Bergendahl from Svenska Messingkvartetten
  16. Siempre Tú (feat. Alexandra Stan) - Sinego English Version by Axel Muñiz from Siempre Tú (feat. Alexandra Stan) [Remixes]
  17. Siempre Tú (feat. Alexandra Stan) - Sinego Version by Axel Muñiz from Siempre Tú (feat. Alexandra Stan) [Remixes]
  18. Need You by Axel Thesleff from Need You
  19. Si seulement si (feat. OMI) by Axel Tony from Latina Caliente 2017
  20. Vendredi soir by Axelle Red from Sans plus attendre
  21. Who Knows by Axero from Deep House Island Tracks
  22. Who Knows (feat. K.B. Starr) by Axero from Weekly Mix
  23. Militant Feat. Terravita - Original Mix by Axonic from Militant EP
  24. How It Feels by Axton Frick from Skyliner
  25. How it Feels by Axton Frick from Skyliner Deluxxxe
  26. Bo Be Easy Featuring C.Le by Axum from Hot Tracks for Hanukkah: Jdub Party Mix
  27. De A À Aime - ToM Crew Rework by Tom² from Hétérokulte
  28. De Afuera by Pescozada from De Afuera
  29. De Allermooiste Sterren by John West from 10 jaar John West Terugblik
  30. De aquí allá by La Unión from Coleccion Audiovisual 1984 - 2004 (Audio Only)
  31. De Aqui a la Eternidad by Patricia Sosa from ONCE: Concierto para Dos
  32. De Baldosas Amarillas by Maui from Viaje Interior
  33. De Bliksem Slaat In by Jan Smit from Op Eigen Benen
  34. De Bomma by Lexxus from Madd Outta Road Riddim
  35. De Bomma (Clean) by Lexxus from Madd Outta Road Riddim
  36. De Borrachera by Sindrome Moscow from Ciudad Esmeralda
  37. De Borrachera - En Vivo by Sindrome Moscow from En Vivo
  38. De Buena Estampa by Ismael Spitalnik & Septeto Bien Milonga from Tango Argentino
  39. De Buena Gana by Pancho Barraza from Una Noche Cualquiera
  40. De Câte Ori by 3rei Sud Est from Visul Meu
  41. De Ce by Den-Isa from Manele Tanga
  42. De Coco by Økuntakinte from De Coco
  43. de confetti-raegendans by veer veere from Vastelaovend van Eijsde tot de Mookerhei 19
  44. De Fadhila à El Kassba Houmti - Pot pourri by Ana Touiri from Compile Feminine, Vol. 6
  45. De Farmer's Plight by Brown Boy from On the Right Track
  46. De Frente Pro Crime by João Bosco from O Bebado E O Equilibrista
  47. De Frente pro Mar by Fly from Fly
  48. Parte Del Aire by Fito Paez from Cronica
  49. Luck of Lucien by A Tribe Called Quest from People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (25th Anniversary Edition)
  50. 1990 A New Decade by Soul II Soul from Volume II - 1990 A New Decade

Songs with the Same Bm Key and Tempo 105 BPM

  1. Ghost in the Machine by Void Of Vision from Disturbia
  2. Fuerza by Voltage from Fuerza
  3. All the Girls (La La La) by Abraham Mateo from All the Girls (La La La)
  4. Atormentada by La Yegros from Magnetismo
  5. Ya Ves by Selena from Yo Sé Que Te Acordarás Tejano (Vol. 2 / 20 Temas Originales)
  6. Bye Bye (Ella Me Dice Vay) by Gipsy Kings from Savor Flamenco
  7. Here She Comes - Live by Kurt Nilsen from Kurt Nilsen Live
  8. Reggae Night (Global Remix) - Bonus Track by Morgan Heritage from Avrakedabra
  9. Light (feat. Tropics) - Omniboi Remix by Slow Magic from Light (feat. Tropics) [Omniboi Remix]
  10. It's So Hard For Me To Say Good-Bye by Eddie Kendricks from The Eddie Kendricks Collection, Volume 1
  11. Dos Soneros... Una Historia by Gilberto Santa Rosa from Dos Soneros... Una Historia
  12. Secret by The Veronicas from The Secret Life Of... (International)
  13. Gettin' It (feat. Funkmaster Flex) by Mase from Double Up
  14. Little Story - Bonus Track by Sinéad O'Connor from I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss (Deluxe Version)
  15. Lagrimas by Magia Latina from Las Divas de la Tecnocumbia
  16. Feel So Good by Mase from 90s Hits
  17. You Don't Know Me - KLYMVX Remix by Emma Heesters from You Don't Know Me (KLYMVX Remix)
  18. Iyat Ninhay / Jaguar (A Great Desert I Saw) by Bombino from Azel
  19. Three Falling Free, Pt. I by Esbjörn Svensson Trio from 301
  20. Never - Icarus Remix by Phonat from Never EP
  21. Gentle On My Mind by Tammy Wynette from D-I-V-O-R-C-E
  22. One Man Wolfpack by I Am Noah from The Verdict
  23. I Know What Boys Like by Vitamin C from More
  24. Running Through the Night by The Casualties from Chaos Sound
  25. Golemite Roga by Emanuela from Fresh Hits Summer Vol. 10
  26. Cut Off The Top - aufgenommen im Schaltraum 2012 by Beatsteaks from Muffensausen
  27. Somebody Call My Momma by Naomi from Total Divas: The Music
  28. The Nutcracker and I: Tarantella (Adapted from Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's "The Nutcracker (suite), Op.71a") by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky from The Nutcracker and I
  29. Reverence by The Jesus and Mary Chain from Honey's Dead
  30. Dezza (Dead Dynasty Remix) by Pharaoh from Dezza (Dead Dynasty Remix)
  31. Night Owl by Kirk Casey from SimCity 4 (Original Soundtrack)
  32. Peacock (Haywyre Remix) by 7 Minutes Dead from Peacock EP
  33. Redemption by Jesse Jagz from Jagz Nation, Vol.1. Thy Nation Come
  34. Tadbath Tashamrasht (feat. Hafid Nadori) by Mo Temsamani from Tadbath Tashamrasht (feat. Hafid Nadori)
  35. Melanie's Melody by The Black Angels from Phosgene Nightmare
  36. Пронто by Потап from Пронто
  37. Stutter by Juxtaposition from Do Not Disturb
  38. Rude Gyal Swing (feat. Treesha & Bay C) by DeeBuzz & Hard2def from Rude Gyal Swing (feat. Treesha & Bay C)
  39. Screaming Out by Twiztid from A New Nightmare
  40. Anybody (feat. Jay Holmes) by T.Woods from Unforgiven
  41. Epimeno by Christos Kiriazis from Mou Thimizis Ti Mana Mou
  42. Ta Malo by Scorpion from Ta Malo
  43. Taas kerran by Mängimies ja Liisa Leppänen from Pyöreän pöydän ritarit
  44. Taboo by Now from Crossma Beat
  45. Take Control by Amerie from Essential R&B Hit Selection
  46. Take It All Back by Gentleman Reg from Heavy Head
  47. World On Fire by HT3 from Big House / Small Time
  48. Escape - Extended Mix by KLar from Escape / Endless
  49. Der Dreck der Straße by Klaus Hoffmann from Original Album Classics
  50. Mmmmm... by Wasabi from Wasabi


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