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Ronald Reagan Era BPM Key Kendrick Lamar | Section.80

Section.80 Tracklist

  1. F*ck Your Ethnicity 151 BPM C KEY
  2. Hol' Up 156 BPM F KEY
  3. A.D.H.D 158 BPM A KEY
  4. No Make-Up (Her Vice) 91 BPM Fm KEY
  5. Tammy's Song (Her Evils) 97 BPM Am KEY
  6. Chapter Six 68 BPM Em KEY
  7. Ronald Reagan Era 167 BPM C#m KEY
  8. Poe Mans Dreams (His Vice) 88 BPM C# KEY
  9. The Spiteful Chant 127 BPM Cm KEY
  10. Chapter Ten 136 BPM Bm KEY
  11. Keisha's Song (Her Pain) 85 BPM G KEY
  12. Rigamortus 178 BPM D KEY
  13. Kush & Corinthians 177 BPM C# KEY
  14. Blow My High (Members Only) 120 BPM Am KEY
  15. Ab-Souls Outro 116 BPM Fm KEY
  16. HiiiPower 81 BPM F#m KEY

Songs with the Same C#m Key

  1. Deep Anger by NU from I Got a Dog
  2. This Girl by Nu from Spider in a Web
  3. Million Dollar Enterprise by Nu Amsterdam Project from Harlem World Mind Frame - EP
  4. Things I Said by Nu Aspect from Wanderlust, Vol. 7 (We're Going to Ibiza - Mixed by Stupid Goldfish)
  5. Anytime - Original Mix by Nu Birth from Pure Deep House 2 - The Very Best of Deep House & Garage
  6. Anytime by Nu Birth from Magic Sessions
  7. Nu Boy U by Nu Boy U from Pork Rinds And Road Kill
  8. Make It Happen by Nu Brand Flexxx from Rangoose, Vol. 1
  9. 2000 Nu Brand by Nu Brand Flexxx from Rangoose, Vol. 1
  10. Who Got the Flo by Nu Brand Flexxx from Rangoose, Vol. 1
  11. Goin' out My Mind by Nu Breed from Assault on the Industry
  12. Give a Little by Nu Café Cinematique from Top 50 Chillout Classics - 50 Ultimate Chilled Bar Grooves - The Perfect Chill out Soundtrack for Lounging, Dinner Parties, Bar Grooves & Beach Chilling
  13. let it dry by Nu Davinci from let it dry
  14. Simplistic by Nu Elementz from Prophecy
  15. Easy Peasy by Nu Elementz from Prophecy
  16. Release The Kraken by Nu Era from This Is Bass - Mixed By Hybrid Theory
  17. Red Box by Nu Era from 5 Years Of Four40 Records
  18. Robot Moves by Nu Era from Here Comes Treble
  19. Tu Sexy Tu by Nu Flavor from Sexy Songs
  20. Sweet Sexy Thing by Nu Flavor from Nu Flavor
  21. Untitled - Tony Lionni Dub Mix by Nu Frequency from Connected Remixes
  22. We On Em by Nu Jerzey Devil from Mr. Red Bottoms
  23. Let's Get Closer by Nu Magik from V2
  24. Cum Around by Nu Money Mobfia from Taking Our City Back
  25. Ballin’ by Nu Money Mobfia from Taking Our City Back
  26. Are You Lookin' For Somebody Nu by Nu Shooz from Told U So
  27. Shachi - Original Mix by Nu Sky from Shachi
  28. Imagine The Future by Nu Sky from Imagine The Future EP
  29. My Poison by Nu Sky from Analog Heaven
  30. I Believe (We Can Change) by Nu Soul Family from Now 23
  31. A Karma Life (Singha mix) by Nu Soulsta from Bar de Lune Presents Indian Summer
  32. For the King by Nu Tone from From Rags 2 Royalty
  33. One Way by Nu Tone from The Good News
  34. White Flag up (feat. Casper) by Nu Tone from The Good News
  35. Ryde for the Lord (feat. Arize & Mike) by Nu Tone from New Creation
  36. Plain 2 See (feat. Trilogy III) by Nu-Era from Dawn of A Nu-Era (Delxue Edition)
  37. Fnky 3 by Nu-Era from Orange
  38. Hustle by Nu-Era from Dawn Of A New Era
  39. Darksides by Nu-Gen from Old School Production, Vol. 8
  40. Konfey ak mefyans by Nu-Look from Dangerous Kompa Summer Mix, Vol. 2
  41. Souvenir by Nu-Look from Kompa Xplosion 100% Hitz
  42. Wasn't Meant to Be - Live by Nu-Look from Crazy Konpa Live
  43. Konfye ak mefyans - La confiance by Nu-Look from I Got This (feat. Arly Larivière)
  44. Feeling Papash - Live by Nu-Look from Nu-Look Live Concert au Pavillon Baltard, vol. 2 (Live)
  45. Illusion - Live by Nu-Look from Real Live, The Best Live Ever...
  46. Konfians ak mefians by Nu-Look from I Got This Live, Vol. 1
  47. Nos indifférences by Nu-Look from I Got This (feat. Arly Larivière)
  48. Souf moin ap koupé by Nu-Look from 50 ans aprè min sa ki kompa, vol. 1 (100% Hitz)
  49. Nos Indifferences by Nu-Look from I Got This
  50. I Need You - Nu Solution Mix by Nu-Solution from House Classics VII (Presented by Harley & Muscle)
  51. Everlasting Days - VIP by Nu:Logic from Hospitality 2015
  52. Everlasting Days by Nu:Logic from Fast Soul Music 2
  53. Grizzly by Nu:Logic from Morning Light
  54. On And On by Nu:Logic from Weapons of Mass Creation
  55. Change by Nu:Tone from Future History
  56. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye by Nu:Tone from Back Of Beyond
  57. Comfortable by Nu3tron from Nu3tron
  58. I Love You Forever by Nuage from Super Eurobeat Vol.168
  59. Thiruthwaha by Nuba Manjeri from Paadi Bilaal
  60. The Set Up by NUBE from $paceCake$
  61. U Can Get It by NUBE from $paceCake$
  62. A bout de souffle by Nubi from Salissures vol.1
  63. Futureproof by Nubreed from The Original
  64. Midnight on the 8th by Nucci from Kult Records Presents: Kult DJ Traxx Vol., 15 (Unmixed & Extended)
  65. Just Whine Fi Mi by Nuchie from Shelitan Riddim (Final) Nuchie Records
  66. Pillow Talkin by Nucklez from Dedicated 2 Grind
  67. Nuckle Flow by Nucksal from Nuckle Flow
  68. Trail of Tears by Nuclear Assault from Handle With Care
  69. Styles Are Changing by Nuclear Hyde from We Like Trance - Chapter 01
  70. Observer by Nuclear Hyde from Men On The Noom
  71. Back To The Funk - Original Mix by Nuclear Revolt from Plasmapool Mastering Vol.16
  72. Watch Your Step (feat. Infamous Mobb) by Nucleus from Queensbridge Disciples, Pt. 2
  73. Return To Forever by Nucleus from Reinforced Presents Enforcers Deadly Chambers Of Sound
  74. Past, Present & Future by Nucleus from Reinforced Presents Enforcers - The Beginning Of The End
  75. Krähenkönigin 3 by Nucleus Torn from Whom the Moon a Nightsong Sings
  76. Little Lotto by Nucleya from Little Lotto
  77. Salí a la Calle by Nuco from Vestido
  78. En la Oscuridad by Nuco from Teclas
  79. Fácil by Nuco from Teclas
  80. Girls by Nude from Chill Odyssey (Day 2)
  81. Fairplay by Nude from Spiritual Reality
  82. Violet - Uto Karem Remix by Nudisco from Rococo Rising
  83. DJ Boy - DJ Ross & Alessandro Viale Remix Edit by Nuelle from DJ Boy
  84. Radical Nuclear - Nexus Altera Absolution Mix by NUERON PROCESSER from Rdm of Vartazarl
  85. This Is The Future - Original Mix by NuEssence from Futurebass Vol. 1
  86. Las Rosas de Ayer by Nuevos Aires from 100 Hits Latin: La Mejor Musica Latina
  87. Les vesdredi by Nufaze from Paris Sou Konpa, Vol. 1 (100% tubes)
  88. Me Sisdeal - Bass Compressor Mix by Nuff Noise from Electrolife (The Ultimate Electro House Tunes Selection)
  89. Black Mamba by Nuff Orchestra feat LAD from House Power selected by StoneBridge
  90. Pledge by Nuff Sed from I.D. Illegal Dreamer
  91. Holdin' Back by Nuff Sed from Ignite The Fuse
  92. Amokk - Alex Hilton Remix by Nuff! from Freakshow Black Party - The Official Compilation (feat. , Moshiko Vaizman, John Christian, Nilson, Luis De La Fuente, Ambush, Armenta, Amannda, Maya Karunna, Laura Woods, Ze!, Fenja, Patricia Leidig, G-Sus River) [Mezclado Por DJ Jose Spinnin Cortes]
  93. AmokK - Alex Hilton Remix by Nuff! from AmokK (Remixes)
  94. Emotion - Chris Cargo Mix by Nugen from Old School Production, Vol. 9
  95. Rich by Nuh Evidence from Street Shella Riddim
  96. Not Alone by NUID from Vocaloe
  97. Island by Nuit Oceān from Island - EP
  98. Tierra - Luis Junior Flamenco Mix by Nuits De Sons from Flamenco Lounge & Chill
  99. Another Reflection by Nujabes from 2nd Collection
  100. City Lights (feat. Pase Rock & Substantial) by Nujabes from Kei Nishikori meets Nujabes
  101. Spiral by Nujabes from Kei Nishikori meets Nujabes
  102. Perfect Circle Instrumentals by Nujabes from Luv(sic) Hexalogy
  103. Can't Put This Glock Away by Nuk Gutta from Philthy Rich Presents: Money Made This
  104. FTN (For the Night) by Nuk-B from The Other Side
  105. Fame by Nuke from Fuck Fame
  106. 'Bout the Money by Nuke Bandz from Money Train Mixtape
  107. Naked by Nuke757 from Luv & Muzik 2
  108. Signs (feat. Yungboi tha Prophet) by Nuke757 from Luv & Muzik 2
  109. Just Crazy by Nuki from Nothing But... Gym Sessions, Vol. 05
  110. FTW by NuKid from FTW
  111. Blast - Radio Edit by NuKid from Blast
  112. Love Fi Di Gal Dem by Nuklear from Gaza Federation Riddim
  113. Envenenado (feat. DJ Kane & Skoundrul) by Nuklez from Luz de la Frontera
  114. Almost There by Nulbarich from H.O.T
  115. No Morals by Num Skull from Ritually Abused
  116. Zigi Call - Original mix by Numa Crew from Senegambia Rebel
  117. Red Room by Numa Lesage from Tech House Task Force, Vol. 8
  118. Tg Fogli by Fogli Family from Comacchio Valley
  119. Tgif (Fresh) by Bueno from Maloof Money, Vol. 3 (Executive Decisions)
  120. Tgthr by Clement Bazin from Return to Forever
  121. Odo by R2Bees from Bump and Grind, Vol. 15
  122. Parle-moi by R2C from J'ai appris
  123. J'ai appris by R2C from J'ai appris
  124. Toque de Queda by R2c from Lineas y Renglones
  125. No Es Negociable by R2c from Lineas y Renglones
  126. Ready for the Weekend - Don Diablo Remix by R2hab from Onelove Radio Summer 2015 & Best of 2014 (Mixed by Reelax)
  127. Movin Hard by R2M from South of the Border
  128. Charged Up by R2rmike from Half a Pint
  129. Lord Forgive Me by R2rmike from Half a Pint
  130. How We Roll by QQ from How We Roll
  131. No Boring Zone by QQ from No Boring Zone - Single
  132. Tan Tuddy Riddim - Instrumental by QQ from Tan Tuddy - Single
  133. Nuh Boring Zone - Radio by QQ from Nuh Boring Zone - Single
  134. Nuh Boring Zone by QQ from Nuh Boring Zone - Single
  135. Tan Tuddy - Radio by QQ from Tan Tuddy - Single
  136. Guh Down Low by QQ from Custom Riddim
  137. To & Fro by Mattafix from Signs Of A Struggle
  138. To A Day Wasted - Original Mix by I1 Ambivalent from Comms Down
  139. To A Mouse by Hannah Gordon from The Poetry Of Scotland
  140. To All My Enemies by Ruste Juxx from Indestructible
  141. To All of You by Syd Matters from Someday We Will Foresee Obstacles
  142. To All of You by CKY from Vol.1 (Remastered + Bonus Tracks)
  143. To All Of You by CKY from Camp Kill Yourself, Vol.1
  144. To All Of You by Syd Matters from Someday We Will Foresee Obstacles
  145. To Answer Your Question - Greenage Remix by James Aville from To Answer Your Question
  146. To Answer Your Questions - Chopped & Screwed by Slim Thug from Boss Basics
  147. To Ardent - Grosvenor Radio Remix by Black Devil Disco Club from It's Been Hell, Vol. 1
  148. To Ardent - Grovesnor Remix by Black Devil Disco Club from French Modern Girl - vol.1
  149. To Ardent (Grovesnor Remix) by Black Devil Disco Club from To Ardent (feat. Nancy Sinatra) - EP
  150. ER - Emergency Room by Doug Ross from Planet TV: 50 TV All Time Top Themes

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